Evidence and research nursing BSN PICOT Question

Evidence and research nursing BSN

PICOT Question

In patients who have had hip or knee replacement surgery (P) how does nonopioid analgesics administered with opioid medications (I) compare to using opioids alone (C ) result in lower pain level (O) during the first week after surgery (T) ?

Research article Reference

Kremer, M. J., & Griffis, C. A. (2018). Evidence-Based Use of Nonopioid Analgesics. AANA Journal86(4), 321–327.


Link to the research article:

See the attached document


In the research article above,Identify the following:

  • The title of the study:
  • Is the article a primary source or secondary source?
  • The population the study is examining:
  • The stated purpose of the study:
  • The hypothesis (if stated):
  • The type of research conducted in the article
  • Whether the article addresses the intervention (I) or comparison (C) in the PICOT question?  If neither, does it aid in the background of the identified PICOT question?


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