Expectancy Violations Theory

Expectancy Violations Theory

Please only write up a references page for this assignment. I will order the rest after a have a references page completed. As I need them at different times

This should be written on expectancy violation theory

Find 10 journal articles on this topic These must be Research articles where experiments and data have been collected. Please use Only open data bases like google scholar or any thing else the public has access to. Pych info is the only non-open research cite that may be used.

Write a 10-page review paper about this theory.

locate relevant research and literature
understand a major communication theory
review primary research
critique primary research
evaluate strengths and limitations of a communication theory
apply a communication theory to the real world
Come up with possible new research idea

Describe the theory, elaborate on how the theory works, how it has been tested, how it has been applied, and what shortcomings have been identified.

Sample outline:

I. Introduction/overview of the theory – Briefly cover the “big picture” of your theory. If you are focusing on a subset of research stemming from a broad theory, describe the area you have chosen.
II. Definitions of concepts – What are the main concepts and how have they been defined? This section should include definitions of concepts and examples of how concepts have actually been measured. Again, cite primary research.
III. Relationships among concepts – How do the concepts defined above impact one another? What other factors have come into play in the literature you have reviewed?
IV. Major themes – What major themes emerge from the studies? Are the themes consistent or are there contradictory findings? *It is very important that you summarize the themes in the literature rather than write distinct summaries of a series of individual articles.
V. Critique – What are the strengths and limitations of the theory? What are both proponents and critics concerned about? This section will likely include issues of conceptualization, measurement, and general usefulness of the theory.
VI. Practical implications of the theory – Here you may discuss How does this theory fits in with what you have observed in the real world? And How can you apply the theoegqry to the field of psychology?

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