Exposure assesment startegy

Exposure assessment strategy





Exposure assessment refers to the estimation or measurement of magnitude, frequency and exposure duration to an agent alongside the characteristics and number of the population that has been exposed. It describes the pathways, sources, routes and the uncertainties involves in the process of assessment (Tait, 2009). There are seven steps that an industrial hygienist can use to describe a workers exposure to cadmium during a blazing operation. The first step is to come up with an exposure assessment strategy. This involves establishing the goals in carrying out the cadmium exposure assessment and writing an exposure assessment program to follow. The second step is basic characterization whereby the assessment process begins by the collection and organization of basic information on cadmium exposure to the workers. The third step is the actual exposure assessment which entails the definition of exposure profiles. This is followed by making judgments on the acceptability of these exposure profiles when it comes to cadmium exposure.

The forth step involves further gathering of information. The information required is exposure monitoring which can be done if the exposure profile has not been well characterized. There can also be biological monitoring that can be used to assess exposure profile in case of concerns on the exposure of cadmium through inadvertent ingestion or skin absorption. The fifth step involves health hazards controls depending on the findings. Diagnostic monitoring can be used in the identification and measurement of the unacceptable exposures of cadmium among workers. It can also be used to carry out an evaluation on effectiveness of the controls in place and determination of whether there is need for new or modified controls. The sixth step is reassessment whereby the whole process of exposure assessment should be updated regularly. The seventh step is communication and documentation of the findings from the exposure assessment process (Tait, 2009).The involved worker exposed to cadmium and people involved in the protection of the health of the worker should be informed I time. The whole process of exposure assessment including recommendations and follow-ups should be documented.


Tait, K. (2009). The Workplace Exposure Assessment Expert System (WORKSPERT). AIHAJ, 84-98

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