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Expressionism Art

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Expressionism Art

Expressionism is the form of art which originated from northern Europe and its main idea is that emotional influence and expressionism of ideas is very important that the other types of arts. Therefore, this type of art mainly focuses on making sure that the art which is presented is expressed in such a way that brings out emotions from the person who is reading or interacting with the art. As much as expressionism tries to bring about art in the manner in which they are perceived, realism art presented ideas and issues in the society in the manner in which they were seen or represented in real life. This was the age of art whereby there was a shift from the normal ways of making art as it was during this time the modern era was born.

Naturalistic art began in the 1800s in response to romanticism and therefore compared to expressionism there is a close relation as naturalistic art displays nature which can arouse amotions even though not as much as in romanticism (Berlin, 2013). Idealism on the other side tries to bring imagination to the table and therefore it makes a person get out of reality and realize that they are capable of so much more imagination than they thought. Compared to expressionism, idealism does not arouse the feelings of its viewers so much unless the imagination involves something emotional (Bahr, 2018). The advantages of telling stories using an expressionism manner of art display is very important since through using emotion people get to understand the different concepts presented even better and this makes it interesting as people do not easily forget the art or the stories being told in this manner.

Page with St. Matthew the Evangelist, Coronation Gospels0-1270.

Early medieval art

0000black virgin Mary by Russian icon

early Christian art

These two forms of art represent different ages and times. The first art is a page with at Mathew with the coronation gospels and that represents the early medieval age while the second art is art of black virgin Mary with baby Jesus and this represents early Christian art. They are both great pieces of art, however the first image of early medieval period represents some work which seems more refined than the early Christian art work and this represents the improvements which have been made in the field of art from the time of early Christian times to the early medieval times.


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