Fatigue Failure in Aircraft Structures


In this case analysis you will review, and then analyze a mishap which involved fatigue. To get
started, go to the NTSB Aviation Accident Database (Links to an external site.) and locate an
NTSB report which involved fatigue from the last 36 months (an open source military report is
acceptable, but please do not include any “privileged” data).
Next, based on what you have read and have learned in this module, explain why the pilot
operated the vehicle in a fatigued state. Then, present what corrective action the pilot should
have taken to avoid the mishap from occurring.
Please provide sound evidence for your conclusion by supporting it with information from the
NTSB report and your new found knowledge of fatigue.
Your analysis should include the following sections:
Summary of the case
Problem Statement – What is the problem?
Significance of the Problem – Why this is a problem?
Alternative Actions (2) – How could it have been avoided?

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