Financial Analysis at Chipotle

Chipotle: roles of CEO & CFO

We are doing Chipotle.
critically answer the following question assuming
the roles of CEO & CFO: What is your recommendation to the Board of Directors in order to
maximize shareholder value?
Grading will be based on how well students critically apply
concepts in class to evaluate the company and at the minimum include the following:
(i) company
overview, key managers and managerial decisions, financial history and background;
(ii) complete
financial analysis using a variety of methods (i.e. ratios, DCF, WACC v. ROIC, equity/debt, etc.);
(iii) compare against peer groups/competitors;
(iv) final recommendation(s).
The final
recommendation(s) may include a valuation of the company, buy/sell decisions,
acquisition/merger, take-over, alternative options, etc. Creativity is also encouraged. There are no
specific required materials, although students may wish to use power point or similar software for
their presentation

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