Four Functions of Managers. SWOT Analysis. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy. Douglass McGregor Theory X and Theory Y

Four Functions of Managers.

SWOT Analysis.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy.

Douglass McGregor Theory X and Theory Y

Use all of your wonderful knowledge from the text, notes, power point, and Internet to
complete this task.
1. On a daily basis, managers carry out four basic functions: planning, organizing,
leading, and controlling. Explain each of these functions.
2. It is important for managers to assess a company’s current position in the market place. A
SWOT analysis is an excellent tool to complete this task. On page 184 of the text (page
173 of the ebook), (probably great Internet sources as well), you will find an excellent
outline of a SWOT analysis. Construct a brief SWOT analysis on the company you
work for or the company that you would like to be employed.
3. Planning is the most important function of a manager. Planning can be divided into four
categories, strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency. Explain each of these
4. Explain the terms Benchmarking and core competencies.
5. Why should employees, especially managers, be concerned with adapting to change?
6. Outline and explain Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory
7. Management theorist Douglass McGregor devised two assumptions of how managers
manage employees. Define and explain both theory X and theory Y managers
8. Identify and explain each of the six steps in selecting employees.
9. The Kodak Corporation was a giant American icon for more than 100 years. The
company is now coming out of bankruptcy and is merely a shell of what is used to be.
Look in the articles folder of this unit lesson and read the two articles on Kodak.
a. Give me your opinion of why Kodak failed.
b. Knowing what you know now about this organization, if you had been the
President of Kodak during the 1990’s, what would you have done differently to
keep the company prosperous?
c. How can today’s businesses and organizations avoid the fate of being a Kodak?
10. Look in the articles folder of this unit lesson that I have provided and read “The Most
Important Interview Question of all Time.”
a. Document/explain your Most Significant Accomplishment that you have
completed in your professional career. For example, explain how you achieved
this accomplishment, what constraints did you overcome, how many people were
involved, what was the budget for this project and was it enough, etc. I can assure
you that you will be asked this question in your interview for your career job so
make this good.
i. If you lack work experience then choose an event that you have
accomplished in an academic setting.
• To receive full credit for this project, you should explain each answer in detail.
Use your textbook, notes and Internet research to complete this project. Remember,
one-sentence answers will not receive much credit for this assignment.
• Value for this project is 200 points
• Project should be a minimum of 1,200 words
• Number each of your answers.
• Document should be sent in Microsoft Word Format or PDF file
• Include a title page that includes your name and title of project
• Save your project with your name in the file name.
o Example: Randy Saleh Project 3 would be my filename
• Remember, assume that you are interviewing for your “dream” position of the
company where you want to be employed. Completing this project is the final part
of the interview process and will determine if you get the job.
Review the Grading Rubric and Example of Formatting your Projects link that
I have provided for you.
• If you will answer three questions per week, you can easily finish this Stress-free project
by the submission deadline!

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