General Motors Business Strategy: Case Study


Read the General Morors case Study (Attached)

Then answer the questions in the other attachment. 

You will be required to hand in a 5-page (maximum) case analysis. This Case has been written and designed for you to analyze and understand changes underway in the auto industry, which will have a profound effect on the business model of the industry. Your paper should contain the following as a minimum:

  1. A summary of General Motor’s (GM’s) current business model and competitive position in the auto manufacturing industry. This will describe, among other things, how they make money. Describing this using a historical context would be beneficial.
  2. A broad analysis of the key “business metrics” that are driving GM’s current financial results.
  3. An analysis of the key internal and external strategic factors affecting both GM and the industry.
  4. Finish with a set of short and long-term strategic goals oriented to GM’s future growth and survival.

Your report must use double line spacing with 12-point fonts. Appendices will not be included in the 5-page count. There is a fair amount of external research required for this assignment outside of the case. All your sources MUST be properly referenced using APA referencing, including the case.

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