Globalization and Its Effects on Human Trafficking; Modern Day Slavery

Assessment Information

This assignment requires you to read the article:

After reading the above article please answer the questions below:

  1. A critical review and discussion of the impact of governments (policies), and international as well as organisations such as the ILO and the UN have on decisions made by businesses.
  2. Evaluate the implications for HR practitioners operating in a global context with particular focus onemployment, migration and workers’ rights.
  3. How will employers implement the Modern day slavery which is Law in the UK

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

  1. Evaluate the major theoretical models of corporate social responsibility and evaluate their practical

application within organisations.

  1. Evaluate changes to and current practice in organisations with regard to Border Agency Regulations.
  2. Analyse and discuss the challenges involved in Minimum Pay legislation, Employment of Agency Workers

and Human Rights.

  1. Evaluate the relevance of strategic decision making and identify the methodologies for its measurement.
  2. Evaluate the role and contribution of the ILO and the UN on global HR practices.
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