Health Care Ethics Case Studies

Health Care Ethics Case Studies

Develop 3-4 pages to evaluate the managerial issue and to answer the questions. Make sure to provide credible evidence supporting your recommendations and conclusions by academic sources. Do not copy the case in the memo.

The case scenario:

After seven years of being cared for at home for severe Alzheimer’s disease, Mrs. Dowd has been admitted to a LTC home. Upon returning to visit his wife, Mr. Dowd finds her walking hand-in-hand with a male resident. Staff report Mrs. Dowd has been observed following this male resident into his room, which is immediately next to her’s. Mr. Dowd becomes angry and states, “Look, it is your job to protect my wife. Get that man out of here right now. I don’t want her involved with any other man. That’s why I admitted her here.”


1. What are some of the ethical issues in this case?

2. What do you generally recommend?

3. Is Mrs. Dowd able to understand and appreciate her actions with the male resident?

4. Do the staff have an obligation to intervene to protect Mrs. Dowd? Or at the request of Mr. Dowd?

5. If Mrs. Dowd was capable (competent), would the responsibility of the LTC home staff remain the same?

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