Health Impairement

Health Impairment

One IDEA disabilities and their challenging behaviors. You are going to choose
one disability from IDEA and present on their challenging behaviors.

The disability I chose for my essay is OTHER HEALTH IMPAIREMENT


A PowerPoint
presentation is recommended, but you are also free to come up with your own
creative presentation styles or approaches.

The presentation
should be approximately 15-20 minutes long; include time for questions.

Refer to the class
text as well as at least two additional resources: these can include one
journal article and one credible website.

Your presentation MUST Focus on each of this point:
1. Definition
2. Historical information (brief overview)
3. Terminologies
4. Characteristics of Challenging Behaviors
5. Assessment techniques for Challenging Behaviors
6. Educational Considerations and Interventions to help with Behaviors


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