Health Policy Paper

Health Policy Paper



This course is a writing intensive course and features a policy project that you will work on throughout the semester.


Students will use the concepts and analytical understanding gained during the course to address their Healthcare Reform topics in an approximately 8-10-page Policy Paper (this may be either for, against or reflect both aspects (overview- preferred) of the topic).


The first step in this project would be the Draft. This will allow for a draft review and the opportunity of rewriting. Each student will submit their paper (5% for the draft and 25% for the final policy paper). It will be approximately 8-10 pages (excluding abstract, title, and reference pages), using APA 7th edition format. References must be cited in APA format.



Please prepare for your policy paper by writing your first draft. Using your selected policy paper topic, the draft should be a complete paper along with references.


*Sources for this information: journals, books, internet, government documents, interviews, transcripts of people involved in the issue. Try to cover the issue, but be concise, identifying key points. Papers will be assessed based on content, style, organization, and the coherent development of expressions. Qualities which will influence your grade include: Appropriateness, clarity, comprehensiveness, proper grammar and use of APA format. In order for your final paper to be accepted, the new submission will require using “track changes in Word” – visible under APA format. Track changes in Word

Some Example of topics: Medicare reform, Prescription drug coverage for indigents, Accountable Care Organizations, undocumented immigrants and health care, vaccination programs, Medicaid Managed Long Term Services and Supports, medical marijuana, emergency contraception, needle exchange programs, veteran health, medical care for prisons, late term abortions, LGBTQ care, food insecurity, medical tourism, long term care/assisted living, etc.


  1. Background:

– Provide an overview of the issue, describing briefly what it encompasses

-Provide information needed to understand the problem and serves a foundation for your stated position.

-Be sure to include the politics surrounding your topic and issue (previous legislation, etc.)

How would you prioritize this issue for the nation considering other issues going on in our country?

  1. Social benefit:

How does your topic position impact quality of life or outcomes of care?

How will your topic position interact with evidence-based standards?

How does your topic position address a reduction in health care disparities: access, quality of care, outcomes?

Who are the people (groups, agencies, persons) most likely to benefit or lose from this issue if it becomes policy? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

  1. Cost/economics:

Identify costs associated with your health policy position

What affects would there be from this issue from the perspective of economic impact on the nation, and on individual persons?

  1. Administrative feasibility:

As an example–It is easy to say that everyone should have free healthcare BUT how do you make it a reality?  When considering your issue and recommendation – how will you make it happen?

  1. Ethics/equity:

What are the ethical ramifications of your issue?

  1. Legal/regulatory issues:

What are the laws or regulations surrounding your topic and proposed issue (recommendation)?  If there are none – what will need to be enacted to support your issue? What are the political ramifications would there be (if any) if Congress supports this issue?

  1. Conclusion:

Sum up the core points of your argument and sell your position in a single paragraph.


Paraphrasing, proofreading, and revising is critical prior to submission to achieve the best possible grade. The Writing Center is available to assist in this process.

See me or a reference librarian for assistance.

Include an APA-style running head and abstract (see APA manual or ). It will be approximately 10 double-spaced pages excluding title and reference pages (no abstract is required for this paper), using APA 7th edition format. References must be cited in APA format.

Cover Page APA 7th example:


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