healthcare strategic planning

open this attached link and read all the information mentioned about what is required on this assignement.

Please note that the hospital is located in woodland hills, CA and that would be the community you need to write about on the first page.

The scenario is that a donor in the community wants to give $1,000,000 to address a priority health need or issue in the area. As a community health planner, you have been asked to write a 3-page proposal to make a case for your community to get the funds. Each student will select a community to research to identify what are the priority health and mental health needs of the area to make a case for getting the funds from this concerned donor. Your proposal must be submitted via Turnitin. To avoid plagiarism, all content that is incorporated into the analysis needs to be adequately sourced if it is pulled from external sources or is not common knowledge. Grades are based on content and grammatical format (i.e., spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, usage, and clear expression of your thoughts). Use the following guidelines to craft your paper:

1. Consult the Community Health Needs Assessment that is posted on hospital websites in your assigned zip code or nearby community to ascertain a priority health and mental health need or issue in the area. (the attached link)

2. On the first page, give an overview of the community you have been assigned.

3. On the second page, identify the key health and mental health needs/issues in your assigned community and highlight the one key health and mental health need/issue you want to focus on for funding.

4. On the last page, discuss a project or program that you would like to implement to address the priority need you are focusing on.

5. Use APA formatting and style guide for in-text citations and to cite sources in the reference list. (double-spaced)

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