Healthy People 2020 Heart Diseases Cardiovascular Diseases

Healthy People 2020 Heart Diseases Cardiovascular Diseases

In this module, you will expand on the work you started in module 1. You will add to your knowledge of your health topic by consulting another reputable source for information on a wide variety of health topics, Healthy People. Stay with the SAME health topic you wrote about in your Written Assignment 1 First Draft; at the end of the course, you will combine all drafts into one complete paper. This will help you prepare to write longer papers, as assigned, throughout your time with us at ASU. Your instructions are this:

Go to the Healthy People 2020 website and visit the page devoted to your health topic (the same topic you wrote about for the first assignment). Start here: (Links to an external site.)
Summarize the information contained in the “Overview” tab for your disease or health condition. Write one to two paragraphs summarizing what we know about this topic.
List the objectives for this disease that Healthy People has identified under “Objectives.” You do not need to expand the list and describe each, but I encourage you to review this information to increase your knowledge of your chosen health condition. IF you have chosen Alzheimer’s disease, it is okay to write the two objectives listed for dementia. IF you have chosen suicide, please work from Mental Health and Mental Disorders in Healthy People.
From what you have learned about your disease of interest, state which factors that contribute to the disease are modifiable and which are non-modifiable risk factors. This becomes important in health education and health promotion, as we try to focus our attention and efforts on those factors that we can influence, or change, the modifiable risk factors.
Review the interventions that are recommended for this disease or health condition under “Interventions and Resources.” Read the description for at least five of these recommended interventions and describe at least three that interest you in your paper. Write about one paragraph for each intervention, and make sure you state what level of evidence exists that this intervention will work (how many stars does Healthy People assign to this intervention, and what kind of review was done? Systematic Reviews are stronger, in general). IF you have chosen a health issue that is not well described by Healthy People (Alzheimer’s disease and suicide, for example) please visit Medline Plus or the Community Guide for Preventive Services to find the information you need to complete your report. Both of these are great resources for quality information on a variety of health topics.
Review the sample paper provided to better understand each writing component of this assignment.
In total, your paper will be about one page of writing to summarize the overview and recommended interventions. Make sure to cite and reference your writing before submission!

Step 1: before submitting, ask yourself:
Is this the same disease or health condition I wrote about for my first written assignment? (it should be!)
Did I address each item specified in the assignment instructions?
Do I have citations for every piece of factual information I have shared? This usually means a citation after at least a few sentences in each paragraph.
Did I include a reference for each citation?
Are my references and citations given in APA format?
Did I title my reference list References?
Step 2: Revise your written work
It is recommended that you complete Step 1 of this assignment, set your paper aside overnight, and then move on to Step 2; 50% of your time on this assignment should be devoted to revising your written work.

Remove any contractions you notice and replace them with the fully written out words indicated.

Remove any idioms or cliches, and be sure that everything written literally means what you intend it to mean. Ensure your language is appropriate for academic work.

Remove any personal pronouns. (Say “people with cardiovascular disease,” instead of, “When you have cardiovascular disease”)

Write out all numbers ten and under and all numbers at the beginning of a sentence.

Check spelling, grammar, spacing, and punctuation

Notice any text that seems unclear, and reword for clarification.

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