How I Learned About Lehigh University


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How I Learned About Lehigh University

I first learned about Lehigh University from my cousin, that graduated from the institution a few years ago. She excelled and always had nice things to say about the school, which is why I decided to apply. Listening to my cousin say only good things about her alma mater, I was convinced that the institution would be a good fit for me. Additionally, the institution is considered a hidden Ivy League school also made me apply because I have always dreamt of attending an Ivy League school. Lehigh University is regarded as one of the most renowned universities in the United States when it comes to matters of research also cemented my decision to apply to Lehigh University and not any other universities. Additionally, the school fees at Lehigh University are fair and within my college fee budget. This factor also pushed me to apply to the university. Seeing my cousin attend the school and excel in life made me want to attend the institution.

Furthering the Principles of Equality

I believe a number of issues should be handled differently in the community to further the principles of equality, equity and social justice. The first move is to assess its habits and beliefs to know which habits are harming society and, from there, take necessary action to erase them. Equality starts at home, and most of us tend to hold onto habits that we picked up as children and these beliefs tend to influence how we engage in equality. Another way the community can show equality is by taking initiative to educate people about the importance of equality and justice. When people are aware of what equality is all about, they are better placed to be more aware in their actions and are likely to let go of discriminative actions.

Another way communities can further principles of quality and social justice is by supporting talent. This includes supporting activists, writers, and artists that speak out against injustices that are in the community. When the community supports talent that is dedicated towards promoting equity and social justice, the artists get the recognition they deserve while at the same time reaching greater audiences. Another thing would be advocating for volunteerism, which helps attain equality and justice. When people dedicate themselves in volunteering themselves in opportunities that align with their interests, a lot of good is attained. Another action that can be done differently to promote equality and social justice is taking positive action on various matters. For instance, once people learn that there are rampant racism issues by listening to broadcasts and local news, podcasts and reading the newspaper, they should take necessary action. Positive action includes calling and writing letters to elected state and city officials on specific issues that the community faces. Attending peaceful protests and demonstrations would also go a long way in boosting equality. There is nothing wrong with making one’s voice heard, and as long as demonstrations are peaceful, it is an opportunity to let the governments hear about the people’s grievances first-hand.

What Makes Computer Science and Business (CSB) a Good Fit

What makes the Computer Science and Business (CSB) program the best fit for my academic and professional goals is my passion for the field. Growing up, I had a lot of interest in computers, and as time passed, I realized that I would somehow end up in the tech sector. My parents always told me that computers fascinated me as a child, and I would spend hours trying to figure out how they worked. A the saying goes, do what you love and you will not have to work a day in your life. I believe this statement could not be more accurate. I have a passion for the computer, the internet and technology. I think I would thrive a lot in a computer science class as a result. While it is not an easy field, I believe my passion for computers would help me get through the training and even help me excel more at practicals which are my favorite.

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