How I was isolated because of where I came from, my intellect and ethnicity.





How I was isolated because of where I came from, my intellect and ethnicity.

My foreshadowing sentence is I remember when I decided to move to a new country thus looked for a Visa.

Conflict in the story is when what I expected about my new residence did not turn out to be since I had to experience a lot of problems from the people due to where I came from, social status my intellect and ethnic differences before adapting.

Who is the people I got to interact with in Oklahoma? Also the people who helped me cope up with the environment and learn about it.

What in the story is the treatment that I was subjected to discrimination and other forms of unfair treatment?

When is the time I had spent one week in the country and it was now time to get independent thus I decided to see of my guide. Also when is the time I managed to adapt to the new environment and began making friends.

Where is the place itself that is in Oklahoma.

Why is the reason I was discriminated, speak native English and when they listen to my broken English, they get shocked. The people are so much people educated and substance use is a big deal in the region unlike where I came from.

How is the way I was discriminated, I would ask for help and instead of giving directions I would be laughed at. Also, many did not bother telling me anything because they assumed that I was lost.

The climax is my turning point when I had to tackle my problems and managed to interact with the other people.

It is through adapting to a new environment that makes us comfortable. Also, everyone must experience challenges in a new place which is normal.

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