How the Founding Fathers convinced poor farmers and the downtrodden to join the American Revolution.

How the Founding Fathers convinced poor farmers and the downtrodden to join the American Revolution.

Historical Context

With the conclusion of the French and Indian War, England re-centralized its authority over the American colonies and the colonist quickly exploded with a litany of complaints towards the empire. The American colonists were ripped from a relatively ″free and independent″ colonial existence (salutary neglect) to a more ″oppressive″ experience by the 1770s. In other words, Americans at one time were considered the freest people on earth prior to the Revolution, but after the French and Indian War, England sought to reclaim its authority over the colonies and limited this ″freedom.″ This ″new″ relationship threatened the American elite and they responded by declaring American Independence in 1776. However, please appreciate that the ordinary impoverished American colonist had absolutely NOTHING to gain by joining the revolutionary army!


As you engage the readings, try to identify how poor working people who had absolutely nothing to gain by fighting the British were convinced by the American elite to join the American Revolutionary army! Please appreciate that this is NOT an essay on the cause of the American Revolution, hence, you should do NOT discuss issues like the Stamp Act, Tea Act, Intolerable Acts, etc. Your essay must revolve around the process by which the Founding Fathers convinced those who had absolutely nothing to gain to join the fight.

Very important final note: Again, this is not an essay on how or why America became independent. Do not discuss the issues leading to independence or the loss of ″freedoms.″ Again, do NOT write about the Stamp Act, Coercive Act, Boston Massacre, or any other issue that prompted the revolution! Your task is to critically analyze how the Founding Father convinced the poor downtrodden to put their lives on the line when they had nothing to win. You must carefully engage the readings to develop a solid essay.


You will be asked to write a four to five paragraph persuasive essay indicating how the Founding Fathers convinced the poor farmers and the downtrodden to join the revolution.

Directions: Please provide a critical commentary on the issue below. Make sure you provide evidence from the readings to substantiate any generalizations. Remember, good essay technique and critical analysis is the imperative. Please follow the format below when writing your essay:

1. Professional appearance is mandatory. Awkward writing, run-on or long-winded sentences, spelling errors, etc., are not acceptable. Practice writing your essay, write an outline (but do not submit it), and provide evidence and critical analysis to avoid unprofessional work.

2. Quality and not quantity is the key to a good essay. Do not engage in “rhetorical jargon.” Minimize personal viewpoints unless they are substantiated with evidence from the readings; your opinions do count so long as they are based on the facts!

3. Organization is imperative: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. All paragraphs must be connected with a transitional line to ensure continuity of thought throughout your essay.
4. Substance is very important. By this I mean that your essay must demonstrate mastery of the material in addition to delivering critical analyses (opinions based on facts)

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