Human Cultural Diversity – RECONSTRUCTION PERIOD 1865-1877

Human Cultural Diversity – RECONSTRUCTION PERIOD 1865-1877

Under Presidents Lincoln, Johnson, Grant and Hayes.

1) Document A.—Douglass describes how colored men ARE treated under Due Process of Law; you are asked to describe how they should be treated.

2) What is Douglass’ recommendation for the safety and wellbeing of people and property?

3) Identify by name the landlord system that is prevalent in the South during Reconstruction? Describe briefly how it works?

4) What is your view of Douglass’s statement regarding the days before and after slavery?

5) Document B.—what style of government occurred in the Southern states under the Reconstruction Act of 1867? How do you think Southerners felt about these laws?

6) With the end of Reconstruction, state governments passed a series of laws collectively known as the Jim Crow laws. Give an example of one such law and how it worked.

7) Document C— what is portrayed in this political cartoon? List at least FIVE messages you see in this cartoon. What does this cartoon say about education?

8) Document D 2012— You are to answer the three ‘Think About’ questions in your Reconstruction Reflection responses.

9) Document B, etc., In your own words describe what the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments accomplish.

10) Document D 2014— What is the relevance of the three men pictured in this document?

11) Finally, write a page or two beginning with your answer to the following question: “DO YOU AGREE (OR DISAGREE) WITH DOUGLASS THAT RECONSTRUCTION WAS A FAILURE?” You are to use the documents A through D to provide evidence or support for your assertions. Reference the documents you use in support for your position.
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