Human sex and reproductive

Question 1 (1.1)


a)    Draw or download 2 large fully labelled diagrams showing the male and female reproductive systems. 

b)    Using the two diagrams you have drawn to assist you; describe the structure and function of the human male and female reproductive systems. (500 words)



Question 2 (2.1)


Fig 3 shows changes in the concentration of levels hormones that are involved in controlling the menstrual cycle.














Using figure 3 to assist, explain the chronology of the human female reproductive cycle.  You must include details of how the different hormones interact to effectively control the processes of ovulation and menstruation. (250 words)

Question 3 (3.1)


The process of producing mature sperm is called spermatogenesis i.e. ‘the creation of sperm’; likewise, the process of producing egg cells is called oogenesis i.e. ‘the creation of oocytes’ or egg cells. Compare and contrast the processes of spermatogenesis and oogenesis. (250 words)


Question 4 (3.2)


a)    To produce a zygote, fertilisation of an egg cell by a sperm cell has to occur. Explain the process of fertilisation within the human body. (100 words) 

Question 5 (4.1. 5.1)


a)    Complete the table below to outline the merits of three different types of contraception:


Contraception type

















(150 words) 

b)    A designer baby has been defined as:

“… a baby genetically engineered in vitro for specially selected traits, which can vary from lowered disease-risk to gender selection”.(Ly, 2013)

Discuss some of the ethical issues surrounding this topic. (350 words)


Word Count 1600 words



10% allowance over the word count.

Paraphrase citation

Use the citation to the endpoint in each response

stick to OpenStax and Lumen Learning, or A-Level Biology textbooks

Try to give additional specific facts and details like numerical information, specific cellular/histological details. 

Reduced the surrounding wording or opening sentences to instead directly describe or explain versus the question/AC instructions

Extra factual additions to cover a wider array of detail relative to the criteria.

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Useful Website


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