Impact of Beauty Standards on Women’s Mental and Psychical Health

How beauty standards can affect women’s mental and psychical health


Go back to your research topic that you presented in your presentation.

Research and find (6) sources (see below) related to, that inform or provide context to, or about your topic.

Make sure to select a few sources that you may want to read to their entirety.

Think about if you are examining a particular population, gender, subgroup, culture, environment, particular concepts, etc… All of these can be potential sources.

In the Discussion Board, write a sentence explaining your topic and what you want to examine. Below, cut/paste a correctly formatted reference list using APA style

The sources should include the following:

A. (3) Journal Articles; at least two need to examine something from a communication perspective (perception, identity, performance, nonverbal, culture, behavior, stigma, etc…)

B. (1) website

C. (1) online periodical

D. (1) Youtube video

Topic is- How beauty standards can affect women’s mental and psychical health.

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