Information Literacy Skills

To complete this assignment you will need to choose one of the essay titles below. You will not have to write an essay, just use the title to base your research on.


Research has found that levels of obesity are on the increase.

Critically evaluate some of the reasons behind this and discuss the future implications of this trend.


Research has found a link between junk food and poor health. Describe the connection and evaluate the effectiveness of government efforts to improve the nation’s diet and lifestyle.


Is genetic modification the future of healthcare? Discuss.


Should parents be allowed to smack their children? Describe arguments on both sides of this debate and draw a conclusion.


Describe and evaluate research into the effects of watching media violence on children.


Critically consider the benefits of allowing immediate skin-to-skin contact between mothers and their new born infants.


Describe and evaluate ways of reducing prejudice and discrimination.


Evolution and Genetics; discuss the Darwin and Mendel connection.


Parthenogenesis is often described as the virgin birth. Discuss this phenomenon and where it is seen in nature.


Explore the causes and effects of vitamin deficiencies in humans.


Explain the chemistry behind liquid bandages.


Explain the chemicals that trigger food allergies.


Do people visit their GP unnecessarily? Discuss.


Question 1  (3.1)

What is your intended research strategy on your chosen essay title? In your answer you should cover:

a)    Where would you look for information and why?

b)    What type of search strategy would you use and why?

c)     What key words would you use to implement an internet search to start finding appropriate material and why?


Word count guidelines (250 words)

Question 2 (3.2)


Include screen shots below to show the stages of your search. The sources you find should include:

·       A website

·       A peer-reviewed journal article

·       A blog

·       Wikipedia


Question 3 (3.2)

Visit your local library to find at least one book on the subject of your chosen essay. Explain how you found the book/s in the library and list the Dewey decimal number/s below. If you are unable to visit a library in-person, you can use its online library catalogue. If your local library doesn’t have its own, you could use: Your local

Word count guidelines (150 words)


Question 4 (1.1, 2.1)

Fill in the table below to evaluate the quality of the sources you have found:


Type of Source




Reasons for using the resource in an academic piece of work?






Peer Reviewed Journal Article





Text Book
















Word count guidelines (600 words)


Include a bibliography of the sources you have found which follows the Harvard System.


Assessment Criteria – you will address these criteria by completing the Assignment Task


Summarise the range of sources of information available for the completion of academic work.


Evaluate the quality (e.g. validity and reliability) of information provided by the following:

a) a web site

b) a peer reviewed journal article

c) a textbook

d) a blog

e) Wikipedia


Develop a search strategy and explain choice of the following:

a) sources of information to be interrogated

b) type of search (e.g. author name and/or keyword search)

c) selection of authors and/or keyword for the search


Demonstrate the ability to implement a search strategy using appropriate information retrieval systems (e.g. library catalogue, Google Scholar, bibliographic databases).


Word Count 1000

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