Internal Analysis of a Business SWOT Analysis

Internal Analysis of a Business

Strategic Business Management

Individual project outline (Part 2: Internal analysis)- please follow the instructions to complete the outline template in the file below. This outline should be based on the company EOG Resources, Inc. based in Houston, TX. For the references that need to be listed in the outline, use APA.

EOG Resources, Inc.

Headquarter location:

1111 Bagby St, Sky, Lobby 2, Houston, TX 77002

Official Websites:


Company type: public; Symbol: NYSE: EOG

Major business: Oil and gas extraction

Primary industry classification: NAICS 2111 “Oil and gas extraction” or SIC 1311 “Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas” (in mining division)

  1. You need to conduct research and read, analyze, and integrate data/information/reports from different sources first.
  2. Please directly respond to the questions/requirement for each section in this template. Form your arguments/findings, and revise and polish them so that you can describe them precisely. Those arguments will be very useful in writing your drafts and crafting your future team’s presentation slides.
  3. Your outline should be specific, precise, and condensed with rich information. Don’t just talk about general concepts and their definitions, be specific to the industry and case company instead. Avoid long texts without saying anything or contributing to analysis, and also avoid dry claims without any evidence or reasoning. Always ask “how” and “why” to yourself when you are developing an argument.
  4. Provide all the supporting information, reports, facts, theories, etc. after you outline your arguments/findings.
  5. Provide the links and citations (of references) in each section, so that you can go back to them when you write the complete draft. You should specify the reference in each section as it will help you in writing the full paper.
  6. Refine and revise your outline template and submit in one single file. DON’T delete the questions and guidelines that the Professor has prepared in this template.
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