Internship Report


Write an internship report. Reflect applications of what you have learned in class (3,200 words).


The Internship report (double-spaced, 2500 words) should include:

(Use this list as section headers)

  1. Introduction and information about the organization/sponsor, location and dates. Include an organizational chart and pictures of the property.
  2. A review of the organization/business and its mission: Give examples of the employer’s “culture” and work environment. Did it fit the student’s work style and if not, explain. Please offer specific examples.
  3. New skills and information gained. Please be specific. List JOB skills gained and how they might apply to employment interests after graduation.
  4. Professional/ethical challenges encountered and your strategies for coping.
  5. Connection with academic focus and how will it be developed further through additional experience. Future plans.
  6. Proud moments of the student during the internship.
  7. Pictures taken during the internship at the workplace.


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