RFP Solicitation IT Related

RFP Solicitation IT Related

Search for at least 3 RFP examples in the IT arena to help you create your own RFP in Part 1-B.

The websites suggested to conduct your research are

https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/search-grants.html (Links to an external site.)
https://www2.ed.gov/fund/contract/about/request.html (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
You may be required to register. Instructions are located at the site within the documentation.

Once at the website, you will enter your search criteria for the state and type field for a solicitation.
Search for opportunities and select any opportunity of interest to you. Since in Week 7, Part 2 of the Course project, you will need to create an IT RFP, so you should look for well-structured IT RFPs.
Analyze the selected formal written proposal for structure, content, and unique requirements specific to the product or service being requested. Review the delivery methods, legal requirements, and other relevant points for consideration to be included as appropriate to the RFP solicitation you will be creating.
Key sections that you should pay special attention include:
The scope of work or scope of service
Special requirements and qualifications to be able to bid
RFP’s selection criteria (What is the criteria and point system use),
RFP management process
Contract type ( Is it Fixed Price, Cost Plus, or T&M ?)

(NOTE: You are not responding to the RFP solicitation; you are just analyzing the most important sections to prepare you for PART 2 of the course project)

Using the RFP Analysis Template (Links to an external site.), you will write an analysis on the selected IT RFP’s from Part 1-A. You will create a document with the following information:

Title Page
Table of Contents
Sections as listed below
RFP Summary (Write a 1 page). The RFP summary is usually taken from the instructions to bidders from the requestor or the instructions to bidders or in the scope and description of work.
Analyze the statement of work (P-SOW) found in the RFP and why it is needed. (Write 2-3 pages )
Analyze the management plan (Write 1-2 pages)
Analyze the selection criteria and methodology used for selecting a winner proposal. (Write 1-2 pages )
Analyze the type of contract being used in the RFP. Is it a “fixed price” or a “cost-plus” contract, and why? (Write 1-2 paragraphs).
Include the solicitation number, requestor’s name, RFP type, and product or service being requested, and contract award date.
The format of your entire analysis must use standard margins with 12-point font.
Your written analysis should be at a minimum of 4 to 6 pages, plus cover and reference page.
Resources: The PMBOK® Guide is a good starting point. Please be advised that considerable relevant material is also available on the Internet, so you might want to conduct a search for materials that may yield insights into the RFP development process. Use the RFP template from your PP1 assignment, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Procedures and deadline: The Part 1A RFP analysis should be prepared in a Microsoft Word format suitable for electronic transmission. Any resources used beyond the textbooks need to be cited in your document, including links to relevant websites. Be sure to include citations and a bibliography.

Submission details: All of Part 1 (A and B) documents must be submitted no later than the end of Week 4. Submit a copy of the three RFP Solicitations you have research and selected, and 2) the analysis you developed using the template provided.

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