Knowledge Areas of Project Management Paper

Knowledge Areas of Project Management . You are in charge of the selection and implementation of a new project management software package in your organization. Using the ten (10) knowledge areas of project management, develop a project plan and explain the details.You are in charge of the selection and implementation of a new project management software
package in your organization.
Using the ten (10) knowledge areas of project management, develop a project plan and explain
the details.
Each knowledge area is :
1) Project Integration Management
2) Project Scope Management
3) Project Time Management
4) Project Cost Management
5) Project Quality Management
6) Project Resources Management

7) Project Communications Management
8) Project Risk Management
9) Project Procurement Management
10) Project Stakeholder Management
Project Integration Management
A project integration management is required to ensure that all the various elements of projects
are properly coordinated or not. It is an art to perform the tasks perfectly.
Advantages of Project Integration Management:
Resource utilization
Creating project templates
Following a basic process to attain the desired goals and objectives of the project
Monitoring and controlling of the project helps to educe the mistakes we do

Everything goes in a streamline
2. Project Scope Management:
A Project scope management is basically a starting step of project planning process, it has triple
constraints – planning, controlling and closing.
Planning: it defines the work which needs to be done and capture the reality
Controlling: Documentation and all the utilization of resources can be defined here
Closing: it helps to assess the original outcomes of the project
Advantages of project scope management:
It reduces time
Helps to maintain the work in a stream line
Scrutinize the list of problems
Proper utilization of resources
Performs every task perfectly
3. Project Time Management:
Time management is the tool, which helps to analyze, measure and access your projects on a timely basis effectively. There are simple 4 step process to keep it effectively.
Define the activities – Define the tasks and details of the project so that the project will be fleshed
out to perform task on a crystal-clear note.
Sequence the activities – To maintain the project details in a logical manner then create sub tasks
and make the work easier.
Estimate activity resources – Right people at right place with perfect responsibilities can perform
every task excellently and add perfection to their work.
Develop and control the schedule – project manager tends to follow it, so that even he can get
timely updates and can guide their subordinately in a well manner.
Advantages of Project time management:
Low Stress
Great Opportunities
More productivity
Attain reputation
4. Project Cost Management:

Project cost management always covers the full project that means from the initial planning
phase to actual costs attained and the completion of the project. A project can’t be completed
without budget and this helps to let a manager know where you have utilized and how much you
have utilized. It completely deals with 4 steps – resource planning, cost estimating, budgeting
and cost controlling. It is little difficult to understand and perform as it is the key for the project, so
every detail should be managed in a proper way.
Advantages of Project cost management:
Helps to define where and how much you have spent
Helps to divide the budget in a well-organized manner
It creates a sense of accomplishment
Awareness and Planning is highly supportive
Helps to learn what to prioritize
5. Project Quality management:
Project quality management is a continuous process that starts and ends with a project, it
focuses on every minor edge of the project and tends to satisfy everyone because excellent
quality leads to better position. It is a repetitive cycle which is followed by every organization.
Advantages of project quality management:

It Enhances the market image
Defects and wastes can be eliminated
Gives a good competition for all the competitors
High productivity
Supports an innovative process
6. Project Resources Management:
Project resources management helps to carry out tasks of every project and resources can be
storable and non-storable. Resources are like people, equipment, ideology, funds etc.,
Advantages of project resources management:
Gives good output
Will learn to make the best with available resources
Increases the productivity
Conflicts reduction
Automated planning
7. Project Communications Management:
Project communications management spend the time mostly in communicating with their team
members and with all the notable members both internally and externally. It includes plan

communications, report performance, manage the stake holders experience, distribution of
information wisely.
Advantages of project communications management:
Will learn to manage people
Will tend to gain profits
Will learn to maintain skilled professional relationships with everyone
Reduces the disputes
Perform the tasks in time
8. Project Risk Management:
Risk management is used by optional, financial, operational and by every manager risk
management is the main task which needs to give guidance for his subordinates. Risk
management is the key to success and failure and a manager should know where to take risk
and where to ignore.
Advantages of project risk management:
Communication is elevated
Better information for decision making
Team will always have remained focused

Lots of challenges
Easy to spot the troubles in a project
9. Project Procurement Management:
project procurement management is a collaboration of many aspects and it is compressed with
five step processes – monitoring, planning, initiating, contact writing, closing.
Advantages of project procurement management:
Analyze the market stability
Take initiative approaches for something new
Timelines to be maintained to achieve the desire goals
Easy to perform
Helps to gain profits
10. Project Stakeholders Management:
It Influences the key stake holder’s expectations and requirements, it a stake holder is unhappy,
then the projects a failure button so it is very important to keep your stake holder always happy
as it plays a very crucial part of the project.
Advantages of project stakeholders management:

To build better relationships
Protect your reputation
To Make better decisions
Improved communication
More Challenges

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