Kotters, Rogers, and Lewin Change Models

Change Models: Kotters, Rogers, and Lewin Change Models

Read the attached 3 articles on the Kotters, Rogers, and Lewin Change Models and write a two page essay (body) that provides a short biographical sketch of each of these men and describes and explains the change model that they developed.

In other words one essay that describes and compares the three models, not 3 separate essays.

The authors visit each model and expound on it so you can use material from the paper itself and any other material that you wish to use in your essay to expand on your discussion and analysis.

The authors also discuss some limitations of the models, please include your own discussion of limitations.

The two pages minimum are to include just the body of the paper, it does not include the cover page nor the reference page.

(the 3 article links)

APA style

Cover page 12-point font

Times New Roman

Double space 1″ margins Include page numbers (top right-hand corner in T

imes New Roman 12 Point Font,

no page number on the first page)

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