Marketing Consulting Report Solved

Marketing Consulting Report Solved

For this report to focus on Marketing department. The problems of LSST regarding this department are:

  • Competitors
  • Limited courses portfolio
  • Insufficient market segments
  • The market is in risk of being overcrowded for too many applicants.


Marketing Consulting Report

– 1500 words –

(Do Not Give Solutions)

  1. Introduction of the client and the problems they are facing (150 words)
  2. Organisational internal analysis. (200 words)

Strategy implementation capability model for LSST

  1. Understand the needs
  2. Define the business capabilities
  3. Assess the capabilities
  4. Link capabilities to application

Defined the Must Analysis and how this help on internal capability analysis for this institution


Fill the table of MOST Analysis – appendix 1

Mission Objectives





  1. PESTLE Analysis for LSST institution (250 words)

Definition and how help a consultant for marketing department of macro external and strategic thinking for this institution. Analyse PESTLE of this institution. (Use Pestle analysis – appendix 2)



  1. Competitors analysis of micro external of this institution? (250 words)

Porter’s Five Force – appendix 3

Competitive rivalry


Threat of new entry


Buyer power


Threat of substitution


Supplier Power




  1. Target costumer marketing for LSST (250 words)

Explain what a target market is and who are the consumers

  • Segmentation

(Fill the table, this goes in the appendix 4)

Socio-Demographic Geographic lifestyle Behavioural Attitudinal Benefit


  • Targeting (Criteria Size, Difference, Money, Accessibility, Benefits)
  • Positioning (use perceptual map for appendix 5)
  1. Marketing Mix (100 words)
    1. Analyze customer needs, preferences, and behavior
    2. Have the skills and resources required for product design, pricing, distribution, and promotion
  1. BCG matrix (100 words)

The Growth Share Matrix for LSST

 Boston Consulting Group matrix – appendix 6

Star Question Mark
Cash Cow Dog
Relative Market Share


  1. Display 3 issues found doing the analysis of this institution that cause the problems mentioned at: “Introduction of the client and the problems they are facing” (100 words)-


Possible issues for this institution:

▪ Time – how quickly does the new strategy need to be implemented?

What pace of change is needed?

▪ Scope – how big is the change? Is the new strategic direction

transformational or incremental?

▪ Capability – does the organisation have the required resources for

the change? is the organisation adaptable and able to change? Are

the experiences of change positive or negative?

▪ Readiness – is the whole organisation, or the part of it to be

affected, ready to make the change?

▪ Strategic leadership – is there a strategic leader for the change

  1. Conclusion (100 words)
  2. References – 15
  3. Appendices
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