Marketing- Ethics

The American Marketing Association Statement of Ethics can be seen at the following link:

Focus on the Ethics portion, not the Sexual or Personal Harassment Policy or the Conflict of Interest Policy.  Those are not relevant to this assignment.

Point number three under Ethical Norms mentions the following core values: honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, transparency and citizenship.  Since I assigned this website, there is no need to cite it in the paper.

Think of a product, advertisement, or business that, in its marketing practices, either embodies one or several of these values, or, violates one or more of these values.  In other words, in your judgment, it (or they) is (are) either very ethical or very unethical in their marketing practice(s).

Write a report between 1-2 pages long, double-spaced, (roughly 300-600 words) with the following included:

1.     The name of the product, advertisement, or business.

a.     If it is a product, provide an idea of where it can be purchased

b.     If it is an advertisement, specify if it is a print, radio, TV, billboard, or internet ad

2.     Your position (not someone else’s position) on whether they are ethical or unethical

3.     Your specific reason(s) for why you feel this way.  Evaluate against the standards contained in the AMA Statement of Ethics references above.  Reference the particular standard(s) in your answer. Do not cite any other author(s).

4.     Your thoughts on how this (these) practice(s) will affect the product, advertisement, or business in the future.


You may not use Starbucks or Whole Foods examples or any example in the textbook for the focal subject of this assignment.  Do not quote others or get help from others on this.


If you misspell the name of the company or product involved in the advertisement or business practice that you are writing about, you will receive a zero for the paper.  Pay attention to the quality of the work you turn in.  Use spellcheck, grammar check, and proofread before you submit this.  Review the course syllabus for my standards for grading written assignments.  Although you will not be required to cite sources or provide a list of references, I will fully enforce my standards communicated in the course syllabus regarding spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.  If you are not familiar with these standards, it is worth your time to review them before submitting your assignment.  Otherwise, it is easy to earn a zero (0) on this assignment due to carelessness!

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