McDonald’s Operations Strategy


Your task is:

To write an analytical report to focus on the ‘Operations Strategy’ of McDonald’s in a global business environment and the major operations practice they have adopted.

You are specifically tasked to:

1. Critically reflect on how operations contribute to McDonald’s organisational performance. In your response, consider which processes are in place to assume the company’s competitive advantage.

2. Assess McDonald’s operations strategy (i.e. ‘lean thinking’, ‘quality’, TQM) and implications for setting up processes and/or supply chains?

3. Evaluate the statement “Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway” from the perspective of McDonald’s operations function. Consider in your response, the transparency, traceability and vulnerability of operations.

4. Based on your analysis, list some recommendations to McDonald’s to remain competitive in a turbulent and global business environment. Consider new trends like veganism and more environmentally conscious customer in your response.

Note: Your recommendations should be listed, following your conclusion and clearly relate to your analysis in the main body (to questions 1 – 3).

This report should be underpinned by theoretical principles and concepts that you have learnt on the Operations Management module.

Please ensure that your report includes an Executive Summary and follows the principles of academic writing in an analytical report writing style. You must present your in-text citations and reference list following the APA 6th ferencing system. Ensure your word processing dictionary is set to British English.

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