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Moon Tiger’s main character story is Claudia Hampton. The story is unpredictable and captures the attention of the reader: Hampton, an intelligent woman whose life we are taken through, shifting from past to the present. The story of Hampton, written from her nursing home, takes the audience through her memories, different times, and scenarios. The success of the story depends on how Hampton achieves her goal. The other characters involved include her mother, as well as her brother Gordon. The point of view of the three is considered in each piece of the puzzle. That serves to help discover the whole picture of the family.

Firstly, their communication involves a lot of yelling at each other. That shows the lack of civilization that the family portrays. The two children are seen to be reckless, and the book describes this as “cries of alarm.”

Secondly, there is a lot of competitiveness among children. Claudia is said to act like an animal on how she searches for minerals. The words used are “hiss,” “pouncing,” “Furiously.” That shows that the intensity at which Claudia aims to get is far much more than what any other person does. She pays no attention to the danger that surrounds her; her aim is on the prise. Her eyes are focused on her brother, and she is constantly monitoring his movements.

The author also uses syntax in the story. It is used to describe the falling of limbs, Gordon’s limbs. Gordon’s legs are described as it. “it thrashes, she thrusts.” There is a simultaneous description that is mentioned in this passage. Due to their competitive nature, there are both at fault. She did not have a clue of her fall, which comes as a surprise to her. She realizes that not all that she thought was solid proved to be stable. She understands her competitive nature has led to her fall. That is described in the line, “…of the solid world which is not as solid after all.” A lot of repetitiveness is also described during her fall. That is perhaps to emphasize on the fault that is placed on her as well. “Her shoulders, her head, her outflung arm……” That suggests that the excessive energy and adrenaline that made her angry and very competitive to her brother has led to that state. Finally, she is defeated as the story describes the gasping as well as the pain she is enduring. That is in the sense that the brother eventually defeats her despite her competitive nature. “hammering of pain” “…too affronted even to yell” “gasping.” They are all signs of defeat, and the extent of her injuries could not allow her to compete anymore. Also, it’s important to note that the poor communication that was brought about by yelling comes to an end. She is unable to speak due to the pain she endures. That ends the yelling as well as the competitiveness that the excessive adrenaline and energy brought.

The Gordon section beginning with “take” gives him a threat of what he is bound to lose if she overtakes him. Gordon’s reaction to her sister’s fall is that of “horror,” as well as “satisfaction.” Gordon is pleased with the failure of his rivalry, and this impediment to her competitiveness achieves his goal. He is relaxed and happy despite the situation her sister is in and the pain she endures.

The third section where the mother’s point of view is described, “furious tenacity” is used. She is the factor that joins the two siblings despite their competitiveness. She is the cement of the two’s relationship, bringing them together. Gordon insists on his honesty while Claudia pleads for the protection of her findings. Nevertheless, she takes no sides with her children. She asks on them to be still and another to be quiet.

The author should have used more characters and characteristics that bring dialogue as well as direct versus indirect characterization—thus connecting the three characters through different literary devices.

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