Morale in an organisation





Morale in the Organization

Recent research carried out by experts in management of health care personnel’s shows, that today more than ever, the sector is facing a growing number of challenges that can potentially limit its ability to curb the growing demand in the industry. The major challenges in the healthcare sector include: financial inadequacy, growing competition in the industry, shortage of skilled and experienced staff, staff and patient safety concerns and by extension an increased rate of consumption of healthcare related services. (Rowland pg400 2012).

For a healthcare organization to overcome these challenges, those responsible for management of healthcare facilities ought to learn creative ways and strategies to improve and maintain high performance of staff. With that in mind it is clear that maintaining and improving staff morale is a key factor in ensuring organization success.

Healthcare environment is often characterized with a lot of activities and stress, the leaders are therefore expected to be focused in maintaining high levels of healthcare in their institutions and their staff should remain motivated and enriched by what they do within the organization. To accomplish all these concepts can be challenging to the healthcare managers. In doing these team spirit must be cultivated among the staff members.

In order to keep up an effective team work, the team leader should be in a position to understand the needs and preference of each staff so as to come up with an average team work plan. It has also been noticed that there are numerous reason why it is important to maintain a positive work environment; majorly it makes employees feel free with each other and most importantly feel valued in the work place (Rowland pg45 2012). Finally employees should be in a position to recognize the importance of their work in order get the objectives of morale boosting services offered in the healthcare institutions (Rowland pg458 2012).


Rowland, H. S., & Rowland, B. L. (2012). Nursing administration handbook. Gaithersburg, Md: Aspen Publishers.

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