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Bates Motel Analysis: Season Two

Episode three

In episode three, the story line revolved around unexpected turn of events, the characters are Norman, Christine Heldens, George, Nick, and Emma and the setting of the story is in the community set up. In this episode, Norman is disappointed to learn that she was not involved in the community play and that makes her to make new friend with Christine for companion. Christine invites Norman to a party and introduced her to new friends (Weigand, 2013). With the death of Bradley in their mind, Emma organizes a memorial at the beach; however, things do not go as planned as Caleb appears unannounced hence shattering Norman’s dreams.

Episode four

The story line is about denial and emotional and the setting is in the motel. The characters in the play are Dylan, Caleb, Norman Sheriff Romeo, Emma, and Zane. Dylan gets drunk after the revelation that Caleb is not his father; he further confronts Norma who admits that she never told anyone about the secrets of his parental status. The ever outrageous Norman goes to acting out as his mother and visits Caleb as these unfolds , Emma wakes up in the morning to find out that she slept with the boy she met in the beach party (Bellour & Penley, 2014). The events in this episode show how Dylan gets disillusioned in life in realizing that Caleb is not his father. It also gives as a picture of how careless people are when Emma slept with a boy she met in the beach party.

Episode five

The theme of the story is secrecy and the characters are Dylan, Zane Cody, and Norman. The typical setting is within the family set up. In this episode, Norma trust Cody with the family secrets and want Cody to keep them by himself at the same time, Dylan finds himself in trouble as he fights for his life that was engineered by Zane drug war. The turn of events makes Norman to have a deal with a strange mysterious man to help stop the bypass as Norman faces some of his childhood demons (Weigand, 2013). This story reveals hidden secrets that Norman has been keeping and his bad behaviour during his childhood has come to haunt him. The story can clearly tell the character traits of Norman as a wicked person through the haunting by the demons.

Episode six

The theme of the episode is plunge and the characters involved are Norman, Cody, Emma, and Dylan. The setting of the play is in the business sectors or firm as can be seen by the employment scenario. In this case, Norman works tirelessly to get appointed to the council and this makes him to look for the driving licenses to enable him get the position. At the same time, Norman has to deal with the incident concerning Emma and Cody situation at work. The scene ends when Dylan gets to know his boss. The scene depicts frustrations within the society as can be seen on how Norman is frustrated and tries to make life easy though it does not work for him. It further tells how the employers are too bossy to know their staff that comes out when Dylan gets to know his boss after long time (Bellour & Penley, 2014).

Episode seven

The theme of the episode is revenge as the characters are presumed to be innocent though in the real case it is not. The characters involved are; Norman, Zane, Miss Watson, Romero, Dylan, and Cody. Norman questions himself about his faith and tries to get the motives behind his miseries (Bellour & Penley, 2014). At the same time, Zane is burning with revenge and is eager to do anything to threaten Dylan for the death of Miss Watson, however, Romero presents new evidence that may change the course of the case of Miss Watson’s murder and breaks the friendship of Cody and Norman. This episode brings about betrayal of characters in the scene and how it is hard to trust a friend. The evaluation of the scene is that you cannot fully trust a friend, however close you have been and that the best person who knows your secrets is your best friends.

Episode eight

The story line in episode eight is looking for truth and the characters presents are; Romero, Dylan, and Norman. The setting is in the family set-up. Romero is busy digging for the truth regarding Miss Watson murder and at the same time, the war between the drug families presents Dylan with a hard choice to make. Norman is forced to push Dylan away so as to get the truth he is looking for. The story reveals how it is hard to get the truth of any matter in the society since there are many obstacle in the way that want to conceal secretes like Dylan did when Norman was looking for the murderer of Miss Watson (Bellour & Penley, 2014).

Episode nine

The story line in this episode is about betrayal and death. The characters involved are; Norman, Nick Ford, Zane, Dylan, Romero, and Declan and the setting are in a home set-up. Zane returns home in the morning and finds Norma still sleeping; she gets a call from Nick who wants Norman dead, Norman is kept in a metal box in the middle of nowhere that makes him recall the events of Miss Watson death. The story reveals how Norman was involved in Miss Watson’s death and how Norman had hidden such secretes to himself (Weigand, 2013).

Episode ten

The theme is rescue operation and the characters involved are; Norman, Zane, Dylan and Romero while the setting is in Norman’s home. In this scene, Norman is being rescued by Dylan and his friends that take Norman back to his mother where Norman reveals the murderer of Miss Watson of which he was the one involved (Bellour & Penley, 2014). Romero finds it hard to trust Norman and thereby she is forced to keep him at bay. The revelation of the story reveals how wicked Norman was and also how secretive he was to the extent of going to his grave with those secretes. .



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