Movie Business Plan in United Arabs Emirates

Movie Business Plan in United Arabs Emirates

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The political environment in the United Arabs Emirates is of sound nature. The system consists of modern and traditional governance (censorship 2008). The government allows and supports the emergence of local film industry. In this, the government offers fund to steer development of new films in the country (Censorship 2008). As such, the movie industry receives minimal influence from the political arena. However, the government undertakes measures to regulate and screen the movie content. Therefore, the business stands a chance of surviving the political environment in United Arab Emirates and at the same time get financial support.


United Arab Emirates experiences a sound economic status. This establishes a suitable environment of setting the movie industry in which there will be insignificant economic influences on the business. However, the business has to align itself with the economic dynamics that occur within United Arab Emirates.


In the context of societal acceptance, the movie has the base of creating enjoyment among all the people. The movie theme, in addition, addresses issues of concern in the current society of United Arabs Emirates. However, there is a blend between the current issues and entertainment. As such, the movie will find acceptance among all people in different generation gaps.


The movie has employed a rich blend of current technological advances in the globe. Included is the new 3D technology, which aids in the conceptualization of the movie theme among the audience. The technology further aids in distribution and production of the movie. In this, the movie shooting, production and distribution process will incorporate the modern technology, in order to ease the production process and ensure that accuracy prevails in the movie.

1.0.5 Action Plan Goals

Goals are the driving force for achievement of success in a business plan (Pisoni, & white 2002). For the movie business, the goals are:

To meet the existing market need of entertainment within United Arab Emirates and then globally

To create audience interest in the movies

To establish a local movie industry in United Arabs Emirates

To become self independent member of the movie industry in United Arabs Emirates

To lobby for a local movie industry organization

To engage with SuBedu productions for the production of the movie

To obtain a reputable public image in the movie industry

To develop industry level skills and experience in working for the movie industry Targets for Success

Before the shooting of the movie next year, there will be numerous pre-reconnaissance visits to the place of movie shooting. Most of the free time will find use in evaluating the threats and opportunities of the movie and analysing the existing market demand in terms of movies desires. The expected earning is AED 200,000,000 after the shooting and distribution of the movie. The target market is the existing population in United Arabs Emirates.

Since the movie shooting is on the local environment of United Arabs Emirates, the promotion means for adoption is the use of media. That is the television, radio, and the internet to advertise for the movie. This promotion means will indicate the availability of the movie in all locations within United Arabs Emirates. In addition, the production of the movie will occur in line with associating with the media professionals. A market research of the target market reaction towards the movie will occur to find out the reaction of customers towards the movie.

1.0.6 Legal Structures

According to University of Southern Queensland (n.d), legal structures outline the criterion of the business operation including the management process of the business. The movie business will have the chief executive officer who will be in charge of three personnel (production, finance and human resource managers). From the three personnel, the power will trickle down to supervisors who will have a direct interaction with the junior staff for the movie business.

1.0.7 Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a crucial step of identifying the potential limitations to the success of a given project (Smith 2003). The risk assessment will involve establishing any form of financial or technological constraint that may limit the success of shooting of the movie. In addition, the changes of weather conditions in United Arabs Emirates will be monitored effectively to identify any form of natural constraints that may limit movie shooting. This will involve collecting data from the Meteorological Department in United Arabs Emirates to aid in prediction of the weather. Other potential risks for the movie shooting include colleagues who may develop an element of not cooperating, or denial of access to the scene sites for the movie shooting. However, the avoidance of the risks will take place effectively through ensuring that permit to all scenes is granted, and participating people in the shooting process will work in unison.


For the success of any business plan, there is a need of taking several studies before the initiation of the process of implementing the business plan. These studies include legal, economic, market demand and feasibility studies that ascertain that the business plan life cycle is complete (Chapman, & Ward 2002). As such, the movie business plan will effectively undertake these studies to ensure that the movie attains success.


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