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In the Man of Steel movie, 2013, the plot portrays the entanglement of human capabilities and superpowers. A young person, Kal-El, learns of his extreme powers and discovers that he has never belonged to the earth. As a young man, he goes to a peculiar journey in order to uncover his belonging. In the event of this search, he realizes that his heritage entangles between the earth and the space. As a result, he utilizes extreme powers towards values that his parents endowed. In the whole of the movie, Kal-El strives to balance his earthly identity with his superpower mien.

To begin with, the man of steel resides in a lone and dark place that is referred to as Fortress of Solitude. In the case of Winnie, being a lone kind is an interesting idea. When the entire planet blows up and one’s parents die after birth, being the last of a generation becomes a peculiar thing. In this perspective, Superman does an unfamiliar thing when he uncovers his identity. He goes to a sterile and a creepy place that is off the earth planet. In the weird place, Kal-El’s friends are holograms who have sprung from the past. It is a peculiar idea that Kal-El strives to balance his earthly living place and the space upon which he interacts with his previously concealed side. In the cave, he interacts with aliens that possess equally extreme powers.

In addition, Superman strives to contend with the idea he cannot improve. At his birth, he shares extreme powers that possess limited capacity for improvement. This is the reason his powers does not excite as an individual. Superman needs to be like other human beings who strive towards perfection. By realizing his imperfection, he cannot easily interact with other children who fancy such powers. This leads him towards a secrecy that he only reveals to one of his friends. By possessing extreme qualities, he lets down his friends because he cannot grow as them.

Superman also strives to contend with the idea that he cannot settle with any individual. Superman has friends who have normal girlfriends. The strange idea is that the girls are normal human beings who might fear the powers of an extreme individual such as Kal-El. Superman cannot hold a normal relationship because his attempts make him sit on snow, while bleeding and crying.

Superman’s character swings between a soft-speaking individual and a strong person who expresses extreme powers. This suggests that the character is inherently dark. As an alien, he strives to integrate his dark background with the humanly ideals that his parents instill. Kal-El also strives to remain obedient while he secretly possesses alien powers that he does not expect to intimidate his earthly parents with the same. Striving to hide under a clam exterior is an exasperating experience that splits Kal-El between two personalities.

According to the background of Kal-El, he is supposed to a beastly character that endangers the human population. He, however, reconciles this idea by opting to save his planet. While Zod belongs to the original race of Kal-El, the superman judges him by his character. Having realized that Zod devoured and destroyed his parentage, he is bound to exterminate him and prevent his powers from suppressing the human population. This is a difficult task that involves reconciling his two extreme parts into a useful personality.

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