Msc Globalisation. UCL Department of Geography

Personal statement

Wu Yuheng: Msc Globalisation — UCL Department of Geography

Majority of my friends are in doubt considering various career issues. I however been blessed with clarity considering my career goals and so I understand and know what I would exactly like to pursue. My exceptional critical thinking skills have enabled me to clearly define my goals. I have had a natural inclination to MSc Globalization from UCL Department of Geography. I am a person with overflowing potential of making a profound and lasting positive influence inn Globalization.

It is through my love for natural environment and the love for the reach and power of Geography that has influenced my choice for Globalization. My first degree on Economics and Social studies were completed in the University of Manchester. I have had a positive academic performance and continuously progressed through various study levels and performed well in both economic and social studies. Additionally, I am a good team player. I’m motivated, dedicated and a capable learner. This is confirmed by Dr. Young’s statement when he confirmed that she believes in my potentiality of doing well and so highly recommend me for masters in Globalization.

I successfully completed three modules in this University. I have further met various lecturers in discussion of my academic and personal matters. Dr Young for instance has appreciated my motivation and dedication towards my studies and was further impressed by the general desire to learn and improve myself. These are my strengths for achieving what I have started.

I have a had a experience in working with BBCWORLD SERVICE form March 2012 till July 2013. During this time, through my good command of English and Chinese language, I helped BBC in adopting content on UK file, education and entertainment form English sources for the Mandarin website ( Additionally, I adopted content for BC’s news and current affairs website I was thus able to apply the BBC editorial guidelines and production skills I had learned during my internship.

I have the desire to learn and so was able to learn BBC”s editorial guidelines suing the time I worked for them. I have the ability to master new skills, and curiosity to learn, whether formally or informally. I basically love learning new things either in class or just on my own. Willingness to learn is instrumental in development of my professional life. Learning more, means addition of professional knowledge that is necessary for my professional advancement. Eagerness to learn also assists in developing personal endeavors such as relationships and I believe these talents will enable me gain more in Msc Globalization. Learning has ensured that I understand the other person better and therefore know his likes and dislikes, hobbies, talents and the important occasions in their lives and this was evident when I participated in “world have your say” in BBC.

I have good organizations skills and this enabled me contribute my personal diary to BBC’s website and shared my study life experiences in the UK with various readers from Chinese. Additionally, BBC loved my writing style which had a personal touch and my writings were thus among the top 5 most population on the website. Noteworthy, my organized writings were further carried out by Chinese online partners including China’s largest portal When BBC World Service was bringing out the point on good communication skills, they did not forget to mention that I am a multilingual person who can speak more than two languages both internal and local. They also mentioned how I am acquainted with their editorial guidelines and this is one of my significant skills pointing that I can easily learn new things within a very short period of time.

I have very high critical thinking skills that can help me to succeed in any given working situation. I am a good listener thus I make sure that I say less but listen more to what another person is saying thus this can also help me to succeed when it comes to me dealing with very different people that I will come across in life. I also have very good communication skills both verbal and written which will help me to communicate with different people that I will be dealing with in this course and thereafter.

As I aspire to reach my goals I have come realize that the knowledge I have acquire through education as well as proficient interests are greatly linked to the role of leadership. My enthusiasm to continue with my education and also the experiences gained through management roles are beyond reasonable doubt the inspiration to embark in one of my most motivating journeys of my life. Since I was taught to value education beyond academia, I have always aspired to obtain knowledge of both culture and the community as well as be able to appreciate human condition. I am also quiet self-motivated and determined to broaden the skills and knowledge. Apart from academics, I have always participated with dedication as a member of the community service groups during my undergraduate years at Manchester University.

It is my sincere belief that I have the eagerness to embrace the challenges that I am sure Globalization will present. Therefore, I carry with me the enthusiasm, excitement as well as motivation, enough compassion and the confidence required to pursue this field. I also believe that this will in the long run allow me the opportunity to impact positively in the community, just as I have always dreamed.

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