Museum Field Trip


The object of this assignment is to visit several websites of famous museums. After visiting, you will write a paper, as outlined below, and as outlined on the “Essays” page on the home page, explaining your visits. Submit the essay under Assignment Dropbox. This assignment counts 150 points toward your 1000.

Essay Details

Visit each of the websites listed on the page. Select two of the websites below on which to write your essay. Compose 1000 words comparing/contrasting the two websites. You may consider aspects of web page design, or you may want to address the content found on the page. A good way to approach the essay is to decide which website makes you want to visit the museum or gallery the most. Your essay must have a point to its comparison/contrast; do not merely list details for each website. You could argue that one site is more effective than the other, that you preferred one site to the other, etc. Please consult your textbook and/or your instructor for additional help. Essays must be in standard MLA format. You must include a Works Cited page that cites the websites you visited. See the MLA section of the Hacker handbook for how to handle documenting these sources within the paper. For how to format the Works Cited page and its entries, review the MLA section of Hacker (A Writer’s Reference). The Works Cited page should be the last page of your essay; see the sample Works Cited page provided at the end of the MLA section in your handbook and on pages 672-673 of the SMG. The Works Cited page and any use of sources in the paper is worth 25% of your paper’s grade, so be sure to have one. The Works Cited page should not be a separate file. As with all your essays this semester, this essay must contain at least 5 paragraphs, an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. If you quote from a web page (or from anywhere else), you must follow MLA guidelines to do so. Be sure to enclose your source’s exact words in quotation marks. You do not have to include quotations in this essay, and I suggest that you stick to making your own observations instead of quoting material from the websites. See the MLA section of your handbook if you incorporate quotations, paraphrases, and/or summaries. A grade of zero will be assigned to any essay found to contain plagiarism. An essay that does not meet the requirements of the assignment (such as word count) may receive a grade of zero. The essay will be graded with the Grading Rubric for Essays. Please familiarize yourself with this rubric before you submit your essay.

Requirements Reminder: Essay must be at least 1000 words in length, and it must have a Works Cited page.


Frist Center for the Visual Arts: Link to Frist Website Metropolitan Museum of Art: Link to MET Website The Frick Collection: Link to Frick Website The Smithsonian: Link to Smithsonian Website (choose one museum) The National Gallery of Art: Link to NGA Website American Museum of Natural History: Link to AMNH Website The National WWII Museum: Link to National WWII Museum International Spy Museum: Link to Spy Museum National Museum of the American Indian: Link to NMAI

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