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My Opportunities

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Executive Summary

I would utilize this report to present, analyze and evaluate my skills, traits and characteristics that with respect to my career growth and desire to work in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Accordingly, this document would rely on my professional and industrial dashboards its basis. Precisely, I would utilize different tools including the 16 personalities test, shapes, academic review, personal performance style and values to test, identify and present my characteristics, skills and traits. Subsequently, I would respond to the findings from the different tests that I conducted. Moreover, the report presents my strengths and weaknesses, analyze and evaluate them (strengths and weaknesses) with regards to my desired job and industry. Thus, I would explain the importance of every strength and negative impacts of my weaknesses. Further, the report illuminates on the trends shaping the Tourism and Hospitality industry, analyze and evaluate such trends to determine employability level of the industry in the next couple of years. Finally, the document offers detailed analysis and evaluation of gaps in my skills with regards to the requirements of the selected industry. Conversely, the findings indicate that the Tourism and Hospitality industry is a highly-competitive industry that continues developing due to the ever-changing demands of its varied groups of customers. Luckily, I exhibit some of the essential skills and traits that are vital in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Such skills include altruism, leadership, tolerance and reliability. As the industry strives to remain relevant and ensure provision of quality services and products, it focuses on recruiting highly-qualified individuals. Thus, this report presents my skills gap that I should handle to increase chances of succeeding in my career.


The Tourism and Hospitality industry serves as the most dynamic industries that continuously evolve since it focuses on offering quality products and services to a wide array of clientele. Tourists’ demands and expectations tend to change with time and differ from one category of individuals to the next. Moreover, the advancing technology impacts significantly on the industry as relevant tourism firms that entail hotels, travel agencies and airlines strive to establish, install and utilize the most suitable technologies for seamless communication and related processes. Consequently, individuals working under the industry of Tourism and Hospitality are expect to demonstrate particular skills and capabilities to ensure they remain competent in the highly-competitive environment. The relatively challenging processes of handling diversified types of tourists rely significantly on the ability of an individual to critically analyze and evaluate the business environment, determine and deliver the most appropriate products and services that meet or exceed expectations of the clients. Currently, I could adequately work as a management trainee in the industry following my limited scope of skills and experience. Accordingly, this report strives to illustrate and explain my current skills, characteristics and traits. Moreover, the report presents appropriate improvements that I ought to accomplish to attain better chances of excelling in my career. Therefore, this document presents descriptions, analysis and evaluation of my skills, characteristics and traits while focusing on necessary adjustments to remain relevant and competent in the dynamic industry.

2.0My Capabilities

2.2 My Capabilities – Analysis

2.2.1 Findings of My Tests

I strongly agree with the results since they paint my picture at a relatively high degree. I am an extrovert who likes hanging out with different persons including friends, relatives and family members. I spend most of my mental energy on handling intuitive processes rather than making mere observations of prevailing conditions. Consequently, emotions greatly influence my decision-making activities. Even so, I rely significantly on judgment to evaluate and determine suitable approaches with regards to my decisions-making processes, planning and execution of my duties and responsibilities. My overall identity is turbulent because I always desire more improvements, performances and developments (See Appendix personality 3).

I am a great Hospitality and Tourism enthusiast with desired traits and characteristics. For instance, I demonstrate excellent attitudes to tourism and hospitality related processes and operations. Moreover, I have great strategies, preferences, habits and skills that facilitate better development and growth in the industry. Unfortunately, I have a little weak experience in the hospitality and tourism industry since I have spent most of my time in studying with extremely limited industrial experiences (See appendix 1).

2.2.2 My Strengths and Weaknesses (Areas of Improvement)

As a protagonist, I exhibit some of the most crucial traits and characteristics that would contribute immensely in my career growth and development. I am a reliable individual who can be entrusted with varied activities and processes. Moreover, I am a charismatic person who can easily win attention of my audience and develop suitable communication environment. Still, I can tolerate varied situations and individuals, hence can work effectively in teamwork. Naturally, I am a true leader. My teammates would probably request me to lead them in handling varied events. Also, I am an altruistic person who strives to attract goodness for the largest number of parties (See appendix 3).

On the contrary, I exhibit some traits and characteristics that attract negative consequences with regards to my career development. As a protagonist, I am overly idealistic, and thus could realize many instances of conflicts with my workmates. Moreover, I am too selfless and hence my end up spending virtually all of my energy and time helping my workmates. Still, I am too sensitive and could end up suffering from relatively minor and less-relevant issues. Finally, I exhibit a fluctuating self-esteem that could attract detrimental effects with regards to my motivation (See appendix Personal 3).

2.2.3 Impact of these Strengths and Weakness on My Job Choice

Being an outgoing person would enable me to interact effectively with some ease while handling my managerial duties. Such a desirable aspect would enable me to overcome fear and socialize with persons from varied backgrounds, a practice that is expected of every hospitality and tourism personnel. Moreover, leadership skills would contribute significantly to effecting delivery of my duties as a manager. Also, I would be striving to attract more successes and improvement of applicable processes through the effect of my turbulent identity and altruism (See appendix personal 3).

Unfortunately, the weaknesses in my experiences, traits, skills and characteristics would adversely impact on my capacities to perform as a manager. Emotions would negatively impact on decision-making processes my forcing me to make conclusions that may be inappropriate to the industry, instead, I would be developing decisions that favor my desires and those of my organization. Similarly, limited exposures and experiences would negatively impact on my effectiveness and efficiencies when handling my managerial roles (See appendix 1).

Additionally, my selfless nature could adversely impact on my service delivery capacities. I would be spending more time helping others other than handling my duties. Also, the fluctuating self-esteem could result in loss of motivation. Moreover, my tendency to spend lots of time handling a given role could result in unwanted delays (See appendix 3).


Various tests as seen in my professional dashboard reveal that I exhibit lots of positive traits, characteristics and skills that are critical in the dynamic Tourism and Hospitality industry. My extrovert nature empowers me to effectively interact and work with persons from varied backgrounds, a practice that is inevitable in the industry. Moreover, my excellent attitudes and preferences toward the industry processes and operations are invaluable in encouraging more growth and development. Similarly, my capacity to intuitively handle situations and make appropriate judgments would allow me to properly execute my duties as a manager by facilitating development of informed decisions. Similarly, my turbulent identity contributes significantly in ensuring that I yearn for better performances and improvements at personal and organizational levels. Furthermore, I am a charismatic person who is a leader by nature. Even so, I am too sensitive, tolerant and idealistic, conducts that could attract unwanted consequences that include unnecessary focus on minor or irrelevant issues and wastage of time. Nonetheless, my relatively limited experiences in the industry coupled with my practice of making decisions under the influence of emotions could attract undesired consequences. Accordingly, I strive to develop such areas of weaknesses to remain more competent in the industry whose jobs become more competitive with time. I endeavor to acquire more knowledge and skills to close the existing gap and gain more competing capabilities to improve chances of prospering in my career. Thus, establishment and evaluation of professional and industry dashboards at regular intervals are invaluable in facilitating career development.

Appendix 1: SHAPE

Weaker areas Strengths

0-5 5-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50

Non-existent Very weak Weak Quite weak A little weak SHAPES OK Quite good Good Very good Excellent

Skills Habits Attitudes Preferences Experience Strategies Appendix 2: PPF Table

PPF Aspect Score Level and direction of preference

Structure 25 A score of 20 – 30 for the ‘More structure’ column suggests you have a strong preference for working or studying in an organised and systematic way. This can be a very productive way of working, and you are likely to be someone who gets things done and in an organised and timely fashion. It is worth considering whether more flexibility and openness to new ideas would benefit your performance. Danger points to watch for are over-rigid ways of thinking and working (79).

External Direction 21 A score of 20 – 30 for the ‘Less external direction’ column suggests you have a strong preference for taking control over how you work. This can be very useful in developing as an independent, autonomous learner, capable of taking on new projects and setting targets for yourself. It is worth considering whether you need to be more open to ideas from others. Danger points to watch for are possible weaknesses in team working and not fulfilling the requirements for an assignment (81).

Working with Others 27 A score of 20 – 30 for the ‘working with others’ column suggests a strong social preference when working or studying. This can be very useful for gaining a wide set of perspectives and ideas, for developing social skills, for team working and for developing mutual support. It is worth considering how far you would benefit from more time studying independently. Danger points are possible over-reliance on others and not developing your own ideas in an independent way (80).

Physical Stimulus 2 Scores of 2 for any item suggests that your performance might be affected if that stimulus is not present (81)

Global / Serialist 22 A score of 20 – 30 for the ‘Serialist styles’ column suggests you take a logical, analytical approach to study. This can be very useful in ensuring clarity and structure in your work. It is worth considering whether you need to create opportunities for developing your imagination and intuition. It may help to experiment with searching out links and connections between ideas. Possible weaknesses may be in drawing together your ideas into a strong whole and in making connections between what you are studying and the bigger picture (83).

Pressure 27 Scores of 20– 30 for ‘low pressure’ suggest that you may be good at protecting your health and well-being, and at producing good work even when there isn’t external pressure to do so. You need to beware of over-sensitivity to stress and to external requirements and conditions.

VAK 45 No strong preference: If your scores for all three areas are similar, then you may not have a strong sensory preference for learning. If your scores are high (40– 48 for each area), then you use all of your senses well to assist your learning. If scores are low (between 0 and 24), you may need to use your senses more consciously to assist your learning and experiment more with your learning

Appendix 3: 16 Personalities

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