My Parents House

My Parents House

The house that my mother and father built last year was a spin of a design that they had ordered from an architect. My uncle built it and a few changes were made to the plan as it went up. The house is now 2 ½ years old.

From the front of the home, it appears to be a lot smaller than it looks. The siding on the outside is a hybrid material made up of concrete. It is dyed blue in color. Along the front side of the home you can see a porch that stretches from one side to the other. There are wooden pillars that support an overhang above the porch. The front door is in the center of the home. To the left side of the front door there are two windows. To the right side of the door, there are two more windows. The roof has dark tar shingles that are crosshatched. There are three windows that jetty outward. The garage for the cars is on the left side of the home. The garage is a two car garage with a single door that opens the room.

On the right side of the home, there are no windows or doors. The left side of the home has a different aspect because of the garage. It also has the aspect of more windows. One window on the second floor is from the master bathroom, while the other is from the garage. If the garage were not there you would be able to see a window from the downstairs kitchen.

The rear of the home is blessed with the majority of windows and doors. From the second floor you can see three large windows and a door. On the right side there is a door and a window that open from the master bathroom. The window and door both open on to a wooden deck. To the left of the deck is another window that looks out of the upstairs common bathroom. Then the leftmost window looks out of one of the bedrooms.

The lower floor also has a nice amount of windows and entranceways. Starting all the way to the left is a door that leads into the garage. To the left of the garage door is a window that looks out of the half bathroom. In the middle of the home are two French doors that enter into the breakfast room. Next over is a window above the sink in the kitchen. Finally, all the way on the left is a window that looks out from the dining room.

When you walk in the main entrance on the front, you are inside a large cathedral foyer. The foyer has a light wood floor. To the left of you is a swing door closet, and your immediate right hosts the stairs up to the second floor. As you walk through the foyer, there is an entrance to the family room. The family room has a short industrial carpet made up of mixed colors. Within the family room is a fireplace and another entrance to the breakfast room. If you were to go straight through the foyer you would be in the kitchen, just to the left of the breakfast room.

The kitchen houses the stove, refrigerator, sink, and dishwasher. The floor in the kitchen is made up of clay tiles. It has a horseshoe shaped counter area. Above the counter area are counters, except where you have the window on the outer wall. To the right side of the kitchen is the dining room. The dining room has the light wood floor. There is one window in the room. As you enter the dining room from the kitchen you see the entrance to the living room on the right.

The living room has the short industrial style carpet. There is one window that looks over the front yard, and the covered porch. On the right side is another entrance that leads back into the foyer.

If you were to have gone left at the kitchen you would have ended p going into the breakfast room. The breakfast room has clay tiles for a floor. There are French doors that lead to the back patio and yard. Next to the breakfast room is a half bathroom and a laundry room. In the middle of these two rooms is a door that leads into the garage. The garage has one window that looks out the side and a large power door for vehicles.

As you go upstairs you have two bedrooms immediately on the right. The stairs are made up of the light wood flooring. The bedrooms on the other hand have a short blue carpet. The bedroom that is situated at the front of the house has a large closet and a partition with a window. The bedroom that is at the rear of the house is a bit smaller than the front room. It also has a window, but it lacks the partition. Both rooms have generous closet space.

Directly at the top of the stairs is a full bathroom. The bathroom has a light gray tile on the floor. Within the bathroom is a window that looks out upon the backyard. The bathroom contains a toilet, sink, and shower/tub.

If you were to go left at the top of the stairs, you would have ended up in the master bedroom. The master bedroom has a short, light tan carpet. The master bedroom has a partitioned window looking over the front of the house. Towards the rear of the master bedroom, and house is the room’s master bathroom. The master bathroom also has the light gray tiles for a floor. Within the master bathroom is a large whirlpool tub. There is a countertop that covers two walls, with a sink on both walls. Across from the countertop is a stall shower and toilet. The wall across from the countertop has a window looking over the garage. The rear of the bathroom has a door leading to a wooden deck. The deck looks over the backyard.

This is the home in which my parents live, and I lived for two years. This should give you a beneficial description of the home, alongside the floor plan. You too could almost feel as if you were there.


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