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According to Consumer Behavior discuss Tweens (not Gen Z), Gen Y and Gen X.

This paper will include, but is not limited to, the following information:

  •  Overall description of the group: Demographics: inclusive years, education, income, marriage, etc.
  •  Attitudes of this group.
  •  Spending amount annually by cohort as a group; saving patterns of this age group, etc.
  •  Product development for this age cohort: what product(s) would you recommendbe created for this group
  •  Marketing (advertising and sales promotion) approaches to be used when targeting this customer- include media choices and an idea of the message you want to deliver
  •  Citations in-text need to be used when necessary (this is important!). (Consumer Behavior 7th edition by Babin and Harris
  •  References correctly presented

A quality paper would be approximately 4 page single-spaced or 7 pages double-spaced written almost entirely in your own words. Either APA or MLA format is acceptable.  Citations are to be included in the paper and a complete reference list is to be at the end of the paper.

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