No Plagiarism Please!!! No Plagiarism Please!!!

Surveying the current promotional efforts for your product/service, describe

what specifics you could provide that show your firm is delivering value for

its customers. (Remember, value is what customers get in return for paying

the retail price for the product. Customers are not buying features and


In the previous four subsections of this Promotions section, you

were to describe, discuss and analyze the current promotional strategies

being used by your company. In this subsection, the student contributor will

need to focus on the promotional efforts from the consumers’ perspective vs.

the company’s perspective. Is the company providing value for consumers,

that is being promoted (communicated) effectively? If so, what evidence can

you give that supports your position? If not, what recommendations can you

give that would improve consumers’ perceptions of value being offered by

your company’s products and/or services?

Firm is Virtual Health Coach Application

500 words minimum. Scholary references. No plagarism!!

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