Nucor Case Study #7-2 on page 233 of the text

Nucor Case Study #7-2 on page 233 of the text

Read the Nucor Case Study #7-2 on page 233 of the text.
Respond to question 1 using the chart below. Questions 2 & 3 should be answered in narrative form.
1. Question #1 at the end of the case study asks how Nucor’s policies and practices reflect different motivational theories (bottom of page 233).
In the following chart, the left-hand column represents a policy or practice adopted by Nucor. Indicate in the right-hand column the correct motivational theory underlying each practice and explain your choice. A particular practice may represent more than one theory. Feel free to add any additional examples you can find. Please explain your answers. Use the following format for your answers: you may use practice 1 (no layoffs) as your 1st example.
No layoffs when business slows
Herzberg; found that factors causing the most dissatisfaction were extrinsic, such as safety and job security. Satisfiers can assume more prominence if Dissatisfiers can be eliminated.
Maslow; hierarchy of needs can also be applied to this practice. A policy against layoffs is motivating to employees on the safety and security level. This level must be satisfied before employees will look for self-fulfillment through their job

Linking compensation to collective performance

Employees empowered to make decisions and act with autonomy

Creation of a family environment

Putting employee names on the annual report
CEO flies in Coach

No preferred parking for senior management

CEO salary relative to average worker

Tracking performance of the mill weekly
Plant managers incentives based on overall return on equity
CEO having personal relationship with
all/most employees

2. How does Nucor’s culture fit your personal management philosophy? Explain.
3. Would Nucor’s culture be effective at your worksite? Explain.
Papers are expected to be at least 4 pages long (double spaced) excluding a title page and references (see Written Assignment Guidelines in the Files menu tab).
Do your own research to find additional information about Nucor.
Frizell, Sam, LAST MEN OF STEEL, TIME Magazine, pp. 39-41, November 10, 2014. Time Magazine article on EBSCO. tp:// (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Additional information (Video) on Nucor can be found at the following site:
Buy American (Links to an external site.)
NUCOR Corporate website (Links to an external site.)


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