Nursing Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation Plan

Nursing Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation Plan

Guiding Questions

Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation

This document is designed to give you questions to consider and additional guidance to help you successfully complete the Quality Improvement Initiative Evaluation assessment. You may find it useful to use this document as a prewriting exercise, an outlining tool, or a final check to ensure you have sufficiently addressed all the grading criteria for this assessment. This document is a resource to help you complete the assessment. Do not turn in this document as your assessment submission.

Remember, you are analyzing a current QI initiative that is already in place. You are not creating a new QI initiative (Assessment 3).

Analyze a current quality improvement initiative in a health care setting.

  • What prompted the implementation of the quality improvement initiative?
  • What problems were not addressed?
  • What problems arose from the initiative?

Evaluate the success of a current quality initiative through recognized benchmarks and outcome measures.

  • What benchmarks or outcome measures were used to evaluate success? Consider requirements for national, state, or accreditation standards.
  • What was most successful?

Incorporate interprofessional perspectives related to initiative functionality and outcomes.

  • How does the interprofessional team contribute to the success of the QI initiative?
  • What are the perspectives of interprofessional team members involved in the initiative?
  • Who did you talk to? From what other professions? How did their input impact your analysis?

Recommend additional indicators and protocols to improve and expand outcomes of a current quality initiative.

  • What process or protocol changes would you recommend?
  • What added technologies would improve quality outcomes?
  • What outcome measures are missing, or could be added?

Convey purpose, in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards.

  • Is your analysis logically structured?
  • Is your analysis 5–7 double-spaced pages (not including title page and reference list)?
  • Is your writing clear and free from errors?
  • Does your analysis include both a title page and reference list?
  • Did you use a minimum of four sources? Were they published within the last five years?
  • Are they cited in current APA format throughout the analysis?
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