Online Climate Assignment


For this assignment, you will select a city from anywhere around the world )and analyze its climate data. The assignment will require you to generate maps and climate charts for your city. Paste these maps and charts into a Word file along with the answers to questions at the end of the instructions.


Select a location (city or other location) from anywhere in the world , and provide information, maps, and graphs of data from that station. Weatherbase is an online repository of weather data and statistics from sites all over the world. You will select one of their stations (cities), and obtain monthly temperature and precipitation values from the Weatherbase website.


  1. Go to Google Earth, MapQuest or some other virtual-globe website to get a map of the station and surrounding area. You need a minimum of three maps to show the station at different scales—local (city, for example Winslow, AZ), regional (county or part of state, for example, AZ), and national (part of country or continent, for example, the southwestern US including the Pacific Ocean). Google Earth lets you save a jpg file of the map. You will probably have to do a “print screen” for MapQuest.
  2. Go to the main Weatherbase website ( and select a station by first selecting a region, then a country, state or province, and then select a city or station.
  3. Now you should have a table of data, like in the above figure. From this table, you need the latitude-longitude coordinates of the site, elevation, average annual and monthly temperatures, and average annual and monthly precipitation.
  4. Enter the monthly average, high, and low temperatures and precipitation data into the Excel template, and generate bar graphs, like in the example below. Simply replace the Orlando data with data from your city and Excel will automatically redraw the graphs. Copy and paste the graphs into your Word file.
  5. Complete the table and answer the questions below. Save the Word file, and submit it through Blackboard.
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