Personality Disorders Assignment

InsStudents will present through PowerPoint a case study treatment plan for working with the
selected vulnerable population. Students will use work from previous units in the course
(SOAPIER, Sample Intake Interview, Outline and Resources). Students will also present
community and national resources for the selected population as well as goals, projected
outcomes, and methods for follow-up with the client group. An audio version of the presentation
should be included with the PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint should be a minimum of
10 slides of content and also include additional slides with references in APA format.
Assignment Requirements
Length: minimum 10 slides
APA Format

Submitting Your Assignment
Please complete the assignment as a Word document.
Click the +Submit Assignment link located in the right-hand column of the course window.
Click the Choose File button.
Navigate to your document and select it.
Click the Submit Assignment button.
The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to apply the personality theories
reviewed in this course to a real person.
Begin by choosing a famous person to study and analyze.
The famous person may be alive or dead.
The main requirements for your choice include the famous person must be well known, and there
must be sufficient information available about this person’s life to adequately complete the
After choosing a famous person, gather information about his or her life and personality. Your
goal is to get to know this person well so that you will have plenty of information upon which to
base the personality analysis.
Apply two personality theories covered in class to your chosen person. For example, you may
choose to analyze this person from a psychoanalytic perspective.
What do you know about his/her childhood that would be of interest to a psychoanalyst?
Does this person seem to be fixated at any stage?

What conclusions can you draw?
The analysis must be substantiated by the facts of the individual’s life and the theory used.
Use some of the assessments to help with this analysis.
Think about how this person might respond to the personality test questions.
Might the person be diagnosed with a personality disorder?
Provide a brief biography of the individual. This is not a review of the person’s life, but an
analysis of the person’s personality.
Choose a famous person where you might obtain enough information on that person to write a
personality assessment.
Write an 800 to 900-word paper following APA format.
Paper Requirements
Length: 800 – 900 words
Double Spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch Margin
APA Format
Please add notes so i can do the audio portion

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