Personality Science and Theory

Personality Science and Theory

One: Knowledge is what allows me to see or perceive and understand the world (and my place in the in it!) more clearly.

KNOWLEDGE – about the principles and ideas

What ideas about philosophy and theory principles

Two: Thinking (using the knowledge) allows me to analyze problems or events in the world more effectively.

CRITICAL THINKING (“thinking about the things I think about”) – from the perspective of disciplined informed inquiry and analysis or “knowledge in use” or “application;” how has my thinking changed?

And about what?
How is it important – in a positive or in a negative manner? Why?

Three: Personal Efficacy (life skills) allows me to be more effective at being me in taking actions, to work towards my goals in life (as a person, as a worker, as a citizen).

PERSONAL EFFICACY is using both the knowledge and thinking together and how these help me be more effective at me being me:

How does what discussed impact me in my everyday life as a person and worker and citizen?
How is what I’ve learned here (knowledge and thinking skills together) helped me in meeting the challenges in life (i.e., Life Skills)?
How is this class letting me make changes in myself?

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