PICOT Exercise and Depression

PICOT Exercise and Depression

This paper is to be written as a formal paper with a title page per APA 7th edition for a student paper with the literature review matrix(Completed and attached) inserted as an appendix (refer to APA Manual for formatting and appendix in a paper). See specific requirement components of the assignment in the course. You should use level 1 or 2 headings per APA 7th edition manual for all section or the paper. The length of part two should be no more that 3-5 pages excluding title page and reference page. References should be on a separate page from the project pages.

Part II (Literature Review) should include the following:

  •  Find 5-7 peer reviewed journal articles (quantitative, qualitative but no metanalysis) Note: you can use individual articles from a metanalysis.
  • Complete the Literature Review Matrix(Completed and attached) (evidence table using the template provided in the course. The table is located in Module 5.
  • Data is summarized, no quotes (do not just copy and paste into boxes)
  • Provide a comprehensive, succinct synthesis that compares and contrasts methods, design and populations pf selected articles and clearly identifies gaps that point to the need for your proposed study.
  • Note that a synthesis is not the same as a summary, for a synthesis, we draw conclusions to formulate a new whole.


Literature Review Assignment Criteria

Based on student questions I have attached an outline of the Research EBP Project Part II for you to follow. Find 5-7 research articles (quantitative or qualitative, no meta analysis, systematic reviews or non-research), peer-reviewed, published in scholarly journals. Note: You can look at individual articles used in a meta-analysis.

Complete the Literature Review Matrix (evidence table) using the template provided. (Completed and attached)

The scholarly paper should include the following:

  1. Introduction to the literature review

Write the one sentence PICOT question (Level 1 heading) Comparative Efficacy of Exercise and Antidepressants in Depression

  1. Search Strategies (level one heading) and include the following information:
    • Description of the search engines used
    • Key words used
    • Timeframe of articles retrieved (e.g. 2016-2021),
    • Number of articles reviewed
    • Number of articles selected
  1. Literature Review Synthesis: Provide a comprehensive succinct synthesis of the literature that compares and contrast research methods, designs, of selected articles. For a synthesis, we draw conclusions to formulate the new whole. Include the following:
      • Types of study (e.g. qualitative/quantitative/mixed methods)
      • Participants
      • Data collection method(s)
      • Instrumentation (include reliability and validity)
      • Findings
  • Literature Gaps: Clearly identify the gaps that point to the need for the proposed study.
  1. Conclusion
  2. Include a Literature Review Matrix of the literature used for this assignment as Appendix A to this paper (be sure to format it according to APA standards.


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