Project Aims Values and Desired Outcomes

Project Aims Values and Desired Outcomes

1. A reference to the project’s benefits in terms of cost, time, and/or quality that address needs or changes, results, impacts, or consequences that the project has on people, programs, or institutions.

2. Goals and objectives that are measurable, shared, and hypothetically agreed on by all key stakeholders. They are directly linked to the concept of project success factors.

3. What variables need to be considered and and whether or not you have control over them.

For example, if you were to implement a clinic-wide practice change, would budget be an issue and how would you address that variable?

If you were to implement your study, consider how would you gather data. Would you choose the qualitative or quantitative method?

An explanation of what your research will provide to the community, or to social change.

– A description of the desired outcomes: Specifically, state the purpose, focus, and viewpoint of the project as well as its expected accomplishments.

This section should be 3–4 pages in length, not including the cover or reference page, and should address the intended outcomes of your project. You must reference a minimum of 3 scholarly articles.

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