Project Management Ethics Case Study

Below is a scenario involving a common reporting situation in which the project manager needs
to make an ethical decision on how the project’s status is reported. Submit an essay in which you
describe in detail how you would respond to this situation and why.
A Day in the Life of a PM: Monthly Project Status Report Meeting
While you are preparing for a monthly project status report meeting with your client and
leadership team, you receive word from a project team member about a serious technical
problem on the project that will negatively impact the project’s time line. This last-minute update
is not good; the executive project steering committee restated earlier this week that meeting the
completion date was priority one.

You are confident that the problem can be resolved, and that any delays can be made up and the
project can get back on schedule. However, in similar situations in the past, the client has
demanded a meeting with the entire project team to discuss the issue in detail and taken
additional micro-managing actions until the issue was resolved. These additional steps resulted
in further delays to the project time line.
What should you tell the project sponsor, and the leadership team, during the monthly project
status meeting?
Use at least 2 references.

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