Reflection on Learning video tutorials

Reflection on Learning video tutorials

Reflect on your Learning

One paragraph each, address the following: For chapter 2

What is the most interesting thing you learned from watching the video tutorials? Why?

What is the most interesting thing you learned from this week’s reading? Why?

Pick one learning objective Preview the documentfrom the chapter. Write out the answer.

Pick another learning objectivePreview the document from the chapter. Write out the answer


You are to choose any topic of your choice from Chapter2 in writing this diary.  Start by reading Chapter 2, then decide the topic you plan to write about.  The diary consists of 2 parts; Case Description and Psychological Application.  The Case Description describes a real-world example of the topic you chose for your diary.  It can be from your own personal experiences, an article you read, from social media, tv, movies, really any source will work, just be sure it reflects your topic from the chapter.  The Psychological Application describes and defines the topic of your choice.  You want to use the textbook information to define your topic and describe how your example relates to your chosen topic.  Please refer to the syllabus and the example diary for guidance.

Do the same thing for chapter 3

LInk for youtube vid:



  1. Describe one new interesting thing you learned about the field of psychology from reading the textbook.
  2. If you were to pursue a career in psychology, what field would you choose and why?

Chapter 2

  1. Give one example an incident that happened to you were you experienced “fight or flight”? What happened and how did you react in the situation?  How long did it take you to calm down? 
  2. So how do you think drugs, both prescription and illegal, affect how the brain works?

Chapter 3

  1. So what are some of your “healthy” habits that you engage in to help you’re your stress levels and health? What are some of your “unhealthy” habits related to stress and your overall health that you would like to change.  What are reasons that you engaged in your unhealthy habit, and why do you think it is hard to change?
  2. Give yourself a plan that you believe incorporates aspects of the material in the textbook to change an “unhealthy” habit, and also give your classmates some advice on how to change their “unhealthy” habits.


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