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The health care industry use different forms of advertisement and for the most part communication is the key factor for success. The basic to advance methods of advertisements are still effective for attracting consumers. The best question to ask is what age group are you targeting when creating advertisements? If you think about it per Schenker, Y., Arnold, R. M., & London, A. J. (2014) most health care advertisements sell a brand not quality of care in commercials its inviting to consumers.

Technology has changed the way advertisements are displayed with the use of social media and other newly introduced platforms of communication. Technology has evolved in so many ways for advertisements. Movies advertise many different companies and ads are used in videos associated with YouTube and other video streaming programs. The only ethical concerns are the persuasive tactics used to gain consumers based on commercial suggestions of services per Schenker, Y., Arnold, R. M., & London, A. J. (2014).


Schenker, Y., Arnold, R. M., & London, A. J. (2014). The ethics of advertising for health care services. The American Journal Of Bioethics: AJOB, 14(3), 34-43. doi:10.1080/15265161.2013.879943

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